Today, online dating has become an increasingly popular platform to find that special connection. If you value the online dating experience, let us help you increase your chances of success with even more added benefits!  Our new Matchmaker Collective membership enhances your online dating experience,  gives you access to our relationship coaches, eliminates the uncertainty of meeting a stranger, and provides an opportunity to date through video dating arranged by our matchmakers.  As an additional added benefit you will have access to exclusive events designed specifically for The Collective.

What is The Matchmaker Collective?

The Matchmaker Collective is an exclusive membership for clients of Erica Suzanne Fultz. Members of The Collective have been screened by our company, have up-to-date profiles and pictures, and are eager and ready to meet their match.  In addition, the member client will receive the benefit of relationship coaching, online dating profile review and consultation, video dating and much more...

What are the benefits of being part of The Matchmaker Collective?

The Matchmaker Collective membership gives you the following:

  • Creation, editing, and consultation on your current online dating profile. (ex: Bumble, Match, Tinder)
  • One phone consultation per month with our relationship coaches and an additional two calls during your annual subscription period.
  • Our matchmakers will review your profile monthly to find potential matches within our database. If we find an eligible match, we will arrange an introduction via a video date.
  • If your profile is a match for our Custom Search Clients, you will be our matchmaker’s first choice.
  • Your profile will be considered with other matchmaking companies locally and nationally when they are looking for a match for their clients.
  • You will be able to create a Video Profile for our VIP Social Network. (Coming Soon in 2020)

Are you ready to become a member of The Collective?

Contact us today so we can get started on finding your perfect match

Member Subscription and Details

  • Choose from three affordable options
  • You may cancel after 90 days from initial subscription date
  • All fees are non-refundable

Member Subscription Option #1

  • $599 initial processing fee
  • Monthly program fee of $99 per month
  • Monthly fees are debited monthly from your chosen account

Member Subscription Option #2

  • Pay initial processing  and monthly program fee upfront- you will be paid up for the whole year at a discounted price!
  • Total fee paid upfront $1,599
  • Your monthly program fee will be billed at $99 per month at the annual renewal period
  • Monthly fees  after the first year are debited monthly from your chosen account 

Member Fee Subscription Option #3

    • $1,500 (One time Fee)
    • Must be a Matchmaker Collective Member
    • Guaranteed 1 Custom Search Match


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